Cost For Sliding Glass Door Frame Floor Repair

Submitted by: hemingwayc333 – Mauk, GA USA

I have a double sliding glass door on my mobile home. Rain would wet the floor because there wasn’t an awning. I now have an awning and want to repair the floor. How much would it cost to remove the door frame repair the floor and put the door frame back on The approx area of damage is 1.5in x 4in.

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  1. I have a second floor sliding door that goes out to a balcony. The door does not properly align, so there is a very small crack where it doesn’t close completely at the very bottom. The crack is maybe 2 millimeters wide and gets smaller as it goes up, about 6 inches. If we lift the door about 1/4 inch, it is flush closed, but won’t latch. How much work should this be to fix and approximately what would it cost?

  2. This repair can usually be done by adjusting the wheel rollers at the bottom of the door. Then cutting the hole for the latch to fit. Repair costs would be around $150.00

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