Cost Estimate Interior Door Replacement

There are two methods to replace a broken or damaged door. 

The first is to purchase a slab door. The handyman will then cut in the hinges and drill out the door to accept the handset and deadbolt (if any). Because new hardware will need to align with existing hardware in the door jamb, careful placement of the new hardware is what takes the most time. Some will consider this to be the least expensive way to replace a door. Others will favor the second option.

The second alternative is to purchase a pre-hung door. In this case the handyman will remove the entire casing, trim, and the door itself. The new pre-hung door is then slipped into the hole, shimmed to square and nailed in place. The new trim is then installed. All done! Well, not quite. All of the seams in the trim, and the miter joints need to be spackled to fill any gaps.

Assuming that it takes the same amount of time to replace the door my either method, the low estimate goes to the slab door because of the lower materials cost.

Low estimate for labor and materials:

  • Slab replacement door
  • Handset and hinges
  • Labor 2 hours

High estimate for labor and materials:

  • Pre-Hung replacement door
  • Handset
  • Labor 2 hours

If you are a contractor or a handyman, how much would this job cost in your area?

Low Price: $200

Consensus Price: $200

High Price: $255

Submitted by: homesaver Lincoln, NE USA (Friday, June 25, 2010)

A customer needs an estimate on replacing 10 to 12 interior doors. He wants them replaced with all new pre-hung doors. He will be buying them but I will be picking them up. How much should I charge per door or for the whole lot thanks for any input.

If you are a contractor or a handyman, how much would this job cost in your area?

Low Price: $2000

Consensus Price: $2500

High Price: $2500


31 thoughts on “Cost Estimate Interior Door Replacement”

    1. What would be the cost to hang a door above the tub on a firstco ac unit.its just a cover to cover the evaporator in a new constructed unit.

  1. What is a reasonable price to have interior doors replaced in my home?
    Only the door and not the frame….I need 7 of them.
    I live in the Minneapolis area.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Expect to pay $150 per door average. Depending on the quality of the door and hardware, and the condition of the door frames costs could be as low as $125 per door and as high as $200. Get several estimates for the installation (Request an Estimate)

    2. Preston J Froelick

      I’m doing 7 interior doors. Cut doors to fit. Router the hinge mortise, and cut the door handle and latch. This is all very precise labor. It took 2 hours to remove old doors. The hinge screws were covered in 5 layers of paint. Then about one hour per door. Then clean up. Next comes painting we hung the doors first. Half hour per door. Then a final clean up we had about thirteen hours in the job . He at $25 or hour , me at $15 comes to $40 an hour. Times 13.5 comes to $540. For 7 doors. At $77.14 per door. If you are a contractor with licence I would add 25%

      1. Actual Contractor

        You guys are selling yourselves short.

        $25+$15 an hour? Seriously?

        The person hiring you:
        Do they get paid for their job (commission, salary or hourly)?
        Do they have workers compensation if something happens to them at work?
        Do they have unemployment compensation if they loose their job?
        Do they have short term / long term disability if they get sick?
        Do they get vacation pay?
        Do their employers have liability insurance (which basically protects them as well should they screw something up)?
        Does their employer pay social security for them?
        Do they have a retirement plan (pension or 401K)?
        Chances are… YES!

        So why shouldn’t you have the same or similar benefits?
        If you are a skilled tradesman, you should!

        1. AMEN to this! Keep your value high. Just like an attorney costs 250 an hour to walk in and say three words to a judge or you might go to jail; we don’t hang this door properly for someone, they might not have a door! If they can’t do it themselves properly, then they must pay or live with crooked doors. But EVERYONE has to follow this rule! Cheap workers are what is going to put me out of business.

  2. I would charge $175.00 for a standard hollow core door installed in my service area. With multiple doors the price may be able to get less expensive all the way down to $125.00 for 10 or more doors.

  3. What would be a fair per door price for having 15 solid pine, unfinished, interior doors purchased, stained and hung (keeping existing door frames and hardware).

  4. I have one standard hollow core door needs to be replaced in the Kingston Plantation. I already have the door, just need someone to hang it.

  5. One door 170 – if I would have to go there remove old, install new and reinstall hardware.
    For 2 or more, I would charge $135ea.
    Sometimes depend on access and jobsite. You know second floor is second floor and if you cannot put your saw anywhere close its really bad.
    Area GA, NC

  6. Fred wasielewski

    hello .i have 6 bi-fold doors,6 interior doors,1 exterior door,all of these doors and bi-folds are being replaced with slabs,also new hardware and dispose of old doors.wat would this cost for labour only?

  7. I need 8 interior doors installed in existing jams . I will supply doors and hardware. I will remove existing doors and dispose of same. Work can be done during week or on weekend. I live in Zip 19382. I am asking for cost to install. Thank you

    1. I’m looking for someone to replace a bedroom door. I have the door but it need routing for hinges done to install. The frame is already in door knob already in door just need hinge routed.

  8. What would it cost to have s 3-0 / 7/0 pre hung door cut, framed, drywall repaired,wall repainted on two sides(10×12), cased and door/jamb/casing painted in an interior wall that has no opening.

      1. Actual Contractor

        Please see my previous comment to one of you replies, but…

        You are giving bad costs.
        Most skilled tradesman charge around $65 an hour. It would take said person about three hours per door, but a little less once set up.
        Therefore, $175-$200 per door.
        I have done construction in Florida, North Carolina, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Ohio. The costs are about the same in all of those states.

        1. AMEN brother, we need to clean this cheap labor up and out! Tired of having to sell this stuff so hard because of all the self incriminating devaluing souls in our field. Charge charge charge! If they don’t pay, do it themselves!

  9. Michael Anthony

    Ya get what ya pay for!

    $125. for first door (give or take), some discounts on multiple installations.

    People charging less have no pride in their work.

  10. I’m in Colorado just kinda getting started doing my own thing. What would be a good price for slab and hardware removal and install new slab and hardware? Also disposal?

  11. I have purchased the pre-hung doors. How much would be fair for taking out the old pre-hung doors, hauling them to the dump and installing the new doors with painting of door and frame and installing knobs on 3 doors. I need labor cost please.

  12. I was asked to hang 2 interior slab doors in a house built in 1882. I got there and the doors they purchased where from a yard sale. They had black mold on them and they where solid wood doors on 2 hinges that where the old type not made for the weight. The hinges where 3 inch hinges. I also noted the existing doors where hollow core and had been cut 1.5 inches on 34″ out of square due to the condition and styling of the old home. Not to mention the screws holding the hinges into the door frame had been worn and the frame was split. in all the doors. I explained that the doors they purchased needed to be ripped down to the proper size and 1 door was already mortise out and the hole for the knob drilled. They said just hang them it will be fine. Well up and down 3 flights of stairs with 3 doors not 2 mortise the hinges and drilled the door knob first 2 I had to plug the holes with pieces of shims to get the screws to hold. went great cut the doors out of square and started the last one. I again explained it will not hold up and that the existing jam was so far out of square when I put a 2′ square in the jam the end came under the jam and I could not adjust due to the fact the hinges where mortised out and the hole drilled already, plus the screws where not holding the hinges plate let alone a door. Being a old home I tried a 5″ door hinge screw and got nothing plaster walls no wood there. But they said hang it so I did. Well I get a call the next day the door won’t close. Ok I told you the hinges will not support the door, yet they had the nerve to ask for money back. I only got $275 for the 3 doors. anyway which I thought was cheap for slab doors. I didn’t argue sent them a few dollars said good luck. Lessen learned.

  13. It was very informative when you said that the labor for door repairs or replacements can last up to two hours. I can’t shut my bedroom doors, and I find it quite unfortunate because I value my privacy so much. That being said, I’ll make sure to hire the best emergency door repair services in town.

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