Cost Estimate for Screen Door Replacement

New Screen Door
New Screen Door

Replacing a screen door is as basic to a handyman’s skill set as the drill gun is basic to his/her tool chest.

Two general types of screen doors are available on the market. The standard light weight screen made of aluminum or wood and the heavy duty screen door that looks somewhat like a security door.

The heavy duty door not only looks more secure, it is more secure. It has heavier hardware and if installed properly will add significant security.

Low estimate for labor and materials:

  • Screen door (standard quality)
  • Labor 1 hour

High estimate for labor and materials:

  • Heavy Duty Screen door
  • Labor 2 hours

If you are a contractor or a handyman, how much would this job cost in your area?

Low Price: $150

Consensus Price: $175

High Price: $225


17 thoughts on “Cost Estimate for Screen Door Replacement”

    1. April 18, 2015

      I have a screen door that needs to be replaced. It is 79 x 32 inches.
      I live near St. Mary’s University.

      Can you help me?

      Thank you,


      1. Veronica,
        I wanted to make sure you are refering to St. Mary’s in Raleigh, NC.
        I can do the work you described but need some clarification. Do you want to replace the screen door completely or just replace the screen in the door. Either way I can do the job for 75.00 plus the cost of materials. If you send me you email address I can send you an estimate with the cost and description of materials.


    2. have a front wooden door with a full length screen but rounded
      at the top. like to have it replaced at a reasonable cost…

  1. How much estimated cost to replace a front screen door that is all glass but the top slides down into a screen with replacement of the frame as well labor cost only?

  2. I’m in Yakima, WA. How much would it cost to replace the screen on the front door? It’s 72 inches long by 29 inches wide.

  3. An Anderson Storm door with built in sliding screen and storm window runs about $125. I would charge approximately $150 depending on the condition of the existing frame and if there is a storm door to remove.

    1. Dennis Gillespie

      Please call me to discuss the installation of our Anderson storm door. I am home any day at 5 pm and can be reached at 289-286-0410. Thank you

  4. That really depends on the size of the door you want to have screened, what kind of screen door you’d like (or a security screen), the kind of mesh you would like (fiberglass vs. metal). The labor itself will depend on the size of the door, between 1-2 hours is a good estimate.

  5. Flippin’ Ladies Inc

    We do “freebies” for clients to make them want to spread the word about us. Last job, we did the screen door for free. It was in bad shape but now her landlord has us taking care of all his properties. And so far been back to that same property for more upgrades because he’s so happy with the way it’s starting to come together.

    1. have a old screen wooden door with full length screen
      rounded at the top. like to have it replaced for reasonable cost. thx.

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