Outdoor Stairway – Build New Steps

Broken Down Steps

How is this for a set of steps? They need replacement. These steps failed because the foot of the stringer was resting on bare earth. When the wood rotted away, the steps crumbled.

To install these properly, footings need to be added at the bottom of the steps. A post for the railing was sunk to provide extra stability for the steps and rail.

This job required two trips to complete. The first trip was to remove the old steps, prepare and pour the concrete. The second to build the steps. The railing and the step surface materials were build using recycled redwood from a dismantled water tank.

Decking - new stairway

Low estimate for materials and labor using recycled redwood:

  • Redwood step stringers, post
  • Concrete
  • Misc. screws, nails, hardware
  • Labor 6.5 hours

High estimate for materials and labor:

  • Redwood step stringers, post
  • Redwood 2×4 and 2×6
  • Concrete
  • Misc. screws, nails, hardware
  • Labor 8.0 hours

If you are a contractor or a handyman, how much would this job cost in your area?

Low Price: $475

Consensus Price: $495

High Price: $700


6 thoughts on “Outdoor Stairway – Build New Steps”

  1. I want an estimate for a straight run of stairs 48″ wide, railing on both sides, going 10′ up from a concrete patio to an upstairs deck. Material: redwood.

  2. $2000-3500 easily in 94930 and the surrounding area built to 2016 IRC and local codes.
    Redwood 2×12 “Con-Heart” stringers @ 18″ OC maximum
    (3 stringers to 36″ width, 4 stringers to 48″ width)
    Redwood 2×6 “Heart B” treads (2/tread)
    Redwood 1×8 “Heart B” or “ACH” riser boards (open treads are not allowed)
    Redwood 2×6 “Heart B” guard rail
    Redwood 2×2 “Heart B” vertical guard pickets
    Cedar 1-1/4″ handrail, stained to “Redwood color” w/returns at both ends
    Redwood 4×4 guard supports @ 4′ OC or less
    Poured landing w/footings or poured footings @3000 psi or better under the bottom two guard posts.
    Strong-tie attachments to upper deck and footings.
    Epoxy-coated steel screws minimum, 305 or better stainless preferred.
    Staining/UV protection extra.

  3. how much do I charge to tear off deck stairs and rebuild with pressure treated 2×10 steps and risers. 5 step runners with 32 in. steps and complete hand rail.

  4. Brittany Montgomery

    How much would it cost to replace or repair wooden stairs in backyard that lead up to pool. 14 stairs, wood is rotting and coming apart. Without braking the bank.

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