Painting Interior & Exterior

Cost to remove paint and stain a concrete porch

What would the cost be to remove paint and stain a concrete porch? I have a 12X20 concrete porch. There is currently peeling paint on the porch floor and the concrete blocks (3 high) of its foundation. I would like to have the paint removed and have the concrete stained.

Cost to Repaint a Deck

Submitted by: Sarah Location: Barre, MA What would the cost be for power washing, scrapping off chipped paint, and repainting a 12×12 outside deck with railings all around deck?

Painting Trim

Cost to paint a 1200 square foot of trim and a storage that’s 4×8 feet long, 10 windows and three doors external work only.

Cost to Pressure Wash a House Prior to Painting

Submitted by: renemelara San Francisco, CA USA (Thursday, August 11, 2011) What would a handyman estimate to pressure wash front of house that has wood siding. We’re preparing to paint the structure. Low Price: $175 Consensus Price: $250 High Price: $350 Updated:

Cost To Clear Coat a Staircase

Submitted by: phillycityboy – Philadelphia, PA USA Staircase is oak with pine accents. Brand new install. Has been stained to a cherry finish. Requires minor refinishing and clear coat for protection.

Cost To Prepare A Trailer To Be Sold

Submitted by: GretchenR – Greenwood, IN USA 4 bdrm dbl wide trailer wallpaper removed 1 wall drywall repaired and whole house painted 81 sq.ft. vinyl stick down tiles install storm door and two locks changed, faucet and cabinet hardware replaced 1 room carpet laid 2 skylights sealed 1 light fixture replace

Repaint Front Steps

Cost to Repaint Front Steps

The steps and porch are made of concrete the old paint is peeling. The porch is about 5′ x 6′ in size. How many coats of paint will be needed? Low estimate for materials and labor: Primer and paint Misc: brushes, rollers, sandpaper Labor 2.5 hours High estimate (more throughout prep work): Primer and paint …

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