Landscape Maintenance

Build a Brick Flower Bed

Submitted by: dock charlottesville, VA USA (Monday, September 06, 2010) To build a brick flower bed 76 inches long by 20 inches deep x 30 inches high, what will that cost? Low Price: $700 Consensus Price: $800 High Price: $800

Tree Trimming Cost Estimate

What will the labor cost be trim my trees? Submitted by: gregbyle lebanon, PA USA (Monday, December 03, 2012) I have 2- 40′ trees to be topped and trimmed. Front yard location near low-traffic street and near electrical wires. Required to climb. Moderator Comments: Sorry to state the obvious but get several estimates, obtain permits …

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What is the cost of Hardscape?

hardscape for yard – cost of labor Submitted by: jude312 Haverhill, MA USA (Wednesday, June 29, 2011) What would it cost to hardscape a 300 sq ft section of yard? Low Price for labor per day: $100 Consensus Price for labor per day: $175 High Price for labor per day: $300

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