Door Repair & Replacement

Cost to Replace a Closet Sliding Door

Posted by: Luman, Potomac, Maryland (August 2, 2013) I am looking for a contractor who can instal a new sliding door in the basement, bring the new one from store, install it & take away the old door. I just don’t want it to be rip off, I want it to be fair charge. Thanks

Cost For Sliding Glass Door Install

Submitted by: Ritherc – Tacoma, WA USA How much should I charge to install a 5′ sliding glass door in a double wide trailer home. Door is to be installed where a 5′ window already exists and no electrical below only coaxial cable needs relocating on outside.

Garage Door Installation Cost

Submitted by: jrgscrew – phoenix, AZ USA How much should a handyman bid to install an automatic garage door. There is a car port in place already but the ceiling will need to be redone and probably need some electrical work done rewiring adding sockets etc. All material is paid just labor.

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