Green Country Wildlife Specialist

Green Country Wildlife Specialist
Green Country Wildlife Specialist

Leon Melton, owner of Green Country Wildlife Specialist. Tulsa, Muskogee, Oklahoma, Wagoner, Creek, all surrounding counties. Bird and Predator Control.
Green Country Termite Specialist: wood infestations, inspections, monitoring stations and pretreatments.

Leon Melton is a nationally well known trapper . His opinion on hundreds of trapping equipment and professional techniques for the nuisance wildlife trapping industry is held in the highest regard by his own peers and yes even his own local competition.

Animal Removal, Animal Damage Repair, Attic Cleanup, Armadillo Removal, Bat Removal, Bird Control, Bee Removal, Beaver Trapping, General House Pest Control, Raccoon Removal, Rodent Removal [Rats, Mice, Squirrels], Odorless Skunk Removal, Snake Removal, Wildlife Removal and termite infestations.

Leon Melton
(918) 869-0489
Fort Gibson
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