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Three Kings Handyman
Three Kings Handyman

My name is Barrett, My friends call me Bear. I am the owner of Three Kings Handyman. I am an Army vet that after being honorably discharged jas made ends meet by being a Handyman. Doing any and everything I can working for other people for minimum wage happily because it meant doing something I enjoy. Landscaping and general contracting, Hauling and transporting household goods in the summer. As well as I do Haunted House special effects and design in the Fall. Unfortunately with some of my medical conditions from my service in the military and my work history prior to and after my service, it makes it hard to work full time and I am just now getting back to the point of being able to handle full time work again. I currently have a limited amount of tools at my disposal so my variety of work is limited to General Landscaping and Interior/Exterior Painting and Hauling/Transporting.

I am asking for any assistance in helping me purchase the tools necessary for my daily work activities to be able to utilize all my working potential. If you donate I will send you a labor voucher for general labor around your property that you can redeem at any time you would like,

Some of our services provided are;
Landscaping, Interior/Exterior Painting, Drywall Repair, Home Remodels, Flooring, Demo and Debris Removal, Hauling/Transporting, Emergency Roadside Assistance, Minor Mechanical Repairs and Maint.

At Three Kings we provide free estimates/quotes and will beat any competitors labor pricing.

Barrett Schmidt
(317) 289-4899
United States