BK Handyman Service

BK Handyman Service
BK Handyman Service

BK Handyman Service is a small locally owned family ran company in Ridgely, MD. As the owners Brian Fox and Kyle Young We have over 20 years experience in home remodeling, property maintenance and home repairs. and have lived on the Eastern Shore for 25 years. We started this service about a year ago and have done work for customers in every county on the Eastern Shore with no complaints so far and have met a lot of interesting people. We also have done many different projects for our customers, assembling swing sets, yard work, laminate flooring even a garage door opener and many other small jobs.
The reason I started this company because one of the biggest complaints I have heard about people in the construction/home repair business is “Nobody returned my call” or “They never showed up”. We are not like that when we say we will be there we will be there and on time. Also we answer our phone and if by chance we miss it we will always call back within 10-15 minutes.
Another reason for our service is the small jobs that the other companies wont trouble them selves with. We love small jobs! We don’t want to build an addition on your house, but we will knock out all the small jobs on your to do list. We will haul trash and debris out of your yard and at the same time fix any small repairs you might have. We also are available for real estate companies looking for eviction or property clean outs.

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