Replace window trim

Window Trim Replacement

Pest report found dry rot on this window trim. The trim board at the bottom of the window was replaced, caulked and primed. Low estimate for materials and labor: Trim board Nails and caulk Primer and Paint Labor 1 hour High estimate for materials and labor: Trim board Nails and Caulk Primer and Paint Labor …

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Custom Built Sport Lockers

The homeowner wanted 4 lockers built, one for each of his children. The lower storage area is for shoes and various sport items. The shelf is placed and strengthened to allow it to be used as a seat. Hooks are included above for hanging jackets, back packs and sport uniforms. The four lockers were built for $800 including …

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Garage Shelving

Garage Shelving Installation

The homeowner wanted these shelves built for storage. As usual, the final design is left up to the handyman regarding overall dimensions, shelf height and spacing between the shelves. Planning the design and layout required some time. The shelves ended up being 12 feet long by 6 feet tall and were built around the side window. This …

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Install Window Air Conditioner

This installation was a large air conditioner to be installed in a second story window. A little extra time was spent in fashioning a support bracket because the bracket included with the air conditioner was very flimsy. This was not a do-it-yourself job for the homeowner because of the height involved. Electricity was available for the …

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Rotten Trailer Bed

Replace Wooden Bed in Trailer

This small trailer was worth repairing. It is approximately 6′ wide by 7′ long and would be capable of carrying small farm equipment after it is repaired. Using pressure treated 2×6 fir and securing the planks with round headed carriage bolts, this trailer is ready to go. To complicate the installation, the trailer design has the planks …

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New Garden Gate

Cost to Build a Gate

Cost to Build a New Garden Gate Homeowner wanted a new gate for the sidewalk leading to her garden. The materials were redwood with new gate hardware. Low estimate for materials and labor: Redwood fence boards and 2x4s Gate hardware Misc. screws and nails Labor 3 hours High estimate for materials and labor: Redwood fence …

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Cost To Hang 5 Sets Of Curtains

Submitted by: lionsfan – Charlotte, NC USA Please provide an estimate for the following hang 5 sets of curtains living room, bedrooms hang 1 set of blinds, kitchen hang 3 pictures on wall assemble basic dining room table w-chairs, I will provide all materials not tools.

Cost To Convert A Patio Into A Living Room

Submitted by: abhipsa – Fremont, CA USA I have a covered patioappx.14’X 35′ I want to convert that into a 400 square foot living room with as much windows as possible with basic wood flooring or carpet! How much would it cost with all electrical and everything else that is needed like heating?

Cost For Sliding Glass Door Install

Submitted by: Ritherc – Tacoma, WA USA How much should I charge to install a 5′ sliding glass door in a double wide trailer home. Door is to be installed where a 5′ window already exists and no electrical below only coaxial cable needs relocating on outside.

Garage Door Installation Cost

Submitted by: jrgscrew – phoenix, AZ USA How much should a handyman bid to install an automatic garage door. There is a car port in place already but the ceiling will need to be redone and probably need some electrical work done rewiring adding sockets etc. All material is paid just labor.

Cost To Build a Recessed Nook For Tv

Submitted by: bcanty13 – santa cruz, CA USA We have a flat screen tv measuring 24 x36 and I’m interested in hiding it. With that in mind I’d like an estimate for building a recessed cabinet for the tv and routing the cables through wall. We’ll be installing shelving below and around it.

Cost To Remodel a Rental House

Submitted by: A-Handyman – Midwest City, OK USA How much would you estimate to do the following: Repair and replace hard wood floor would need to be refinished. Repair and replace vinyl flooring. Repair or replace broken tile in shower surround. Repair falling ceiling. Repair and paint living room. Repair and paint bedrooms and bathrooms. …

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Cost To Clear Coat a Staircase

Submitted by: phillycityboy – Philadelphia, PA USA Staircase is oak with pine accents. Brand new install. Has been stained to a cherry finish. Requires minor refinishing and clear coat for protection.

Cost to Replace Pecky Cedar Boards With Knotty Pine

Submitted by: rseekerr – lake arrowhead, CA USA Removal of pecky cedar boards-80sqft of wall space insulate and replacement w- knotty pine 11 inch vertical placement. Removal and disposal of the old boards. Move a non-loadbearing 8ft wall.

Cost To Build A Garage

Submitted by: gr – Oak Hill, WV USA I plan to build a detached 2 car garage somewhere in the neighborhood of 20X24. Aside from the materials I plan to purchase myself what would be a reasonable price to pay for the labor May even do the pad myself undecided so far. Also if anyone …

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Cost To Build an Outbuilding

Submitted by: Joeylilly – Beckley, WV USA To build a 12×16 building. I have all materials. 2×8 joists 16 oc. 3-4 in ply floor. Walls 16 oc using studs. Premade trusses 16 oc with 5-8 osb. 4 ft door. 6×6 posts every 8 feet. Soffits and fascia also. No windows.

Cost To Prepare A Trailer To Be Sold

Submitted by: GretchenR – Greenwood, IN USA 4 bdrm dbl wide trailer wallpaper removed 1 wall drywall repaired and whole house painted 81 sq.ft. vinyl stick down tiles install storm door and two locks changed, faucet and cabinet hardware replaced 1 room carpet laid 2 skylights sealed 1 light fixture replace

Cost To Repair Kitchen Cabinets

Submitted by: leniecia – Wilmington, NC USA 7 drywall screw size holes were placed in the bottom of my kitchen cabinet to support a wine rack. The screws went through the bottom of the cabinet raising the wood and making the surface for dish storage lumpy.

Cost To Change Existing Wired Door Bell

Submitted by: NotHandy1 – Pearland, TX USA Original wired door bell push button is 5in X 1in with replacement wired door bell push button 3in X 1in to be placed on brick veneer house. .625 hole required for installation and colored putty to cover old drill openings.

Cost To Take Out Exterior Door And For Closing In Wall

Submitted by: missys – phoenix, AZ USA I have a side exterior door that I would like to be removed. I want the wall filled back in. This job would have to include drywall insulation materials labor mud wall texturing and stucco on the exterior part of the wall.

Washer And Dryer Hook Up Costs And Plumbing Installation

Submitted by: nnolavarria – Silver Spring, MD USA I need outlets for a washer and dryer as well as a water line for water and one for a sink to be installed in my garage. I also need an exhaust for the dryer. I need a licensed and insured professional for this job.

Cost for a Room Addition

Submitted by: thebigjose – hutchinson, KS USA What would be the cost to frame extend a living room 6 by 18 tear off 18 ft wall set heather frame 6ft wall and 18 ft wall after that and set 5×5 window and install insulation and drywall inside.

Cost To Add Wood Plank to Ceiling

Submitted by: momma2six – North Port, FL USA How much should I expect to pay a handyman to install 1900 linear feet of wood plank ceiling on an outdoor pavillion. Just the labor alone I have the materials 12 ft and 16 ft boards?

Cost For Frostproof Spigot Sillcock Replacement

291Submitted by: rdsweet – Coldspring, TX USA What would I expect to have to pay to have a frostproof spigot replaced on a brick vaneer home. Job may require brick removal exterior or vanity removal and sheetrock work on the interior of the home for access.

Cost To Install Chimney Cap

Submitted by: Dave – Novi, MI USA Install stainless steel chimney cap on fireplace flu single flu-free standing chimney. What would be the cost including the cap?

Cost For a Major Building Demolition

Submitted by: – Florissant, MO USA 10,000 sq ft three story building needs to be torn down. What should I expect to pay for the demo and disposal?

Repaint Front Steps

Cost to Repaint Front Steps

The steps and porch are made of concrete the old paint is peeling. The porch is about 5′ x 6′ in size. How many coats of paint will be needed? Low estimate for materials and labor: Primer and paint Misc: brushes, rollers, sandpaper Labor 2.5 hours High estimate (more throughout prep work): Primer and paint …

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Cost to Refinish a Cabinet

How much should I pay for furniture refinishing? Client has purchased this cabinet at a garage sale. The basic finish is good shape but needed some minor work. Client wants it cleaned up and a new coat of varnish applied.Low estimate for materials and labor: Misc varnish, steel wool, sand paperLabor 1.0 hour High estimate …

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