Install Window Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner Installation

This installation was a large air conditioner to be installed in a second story window. A little extra time was spent in fashioning a support bracket because the bracket included with the air conditioner was very flimsy.

This was not a do-it-yourself job for the homeowner because of the height involved.

Electricity was available for the air conditioning unit very near to the base of the window.

Low estimate for materials and labor:

  • Misc nails, screws
  • Labor 2 hours

High estimate for materials and labor:

  • Support brackets
  • Misc nails, screws, caulk
  • Labor 3 hours

If you are a contractor or a handyman, how much would this job cost in your area?

Low Price: $175

Consensus Price: $180

High Price: $200

Submitted by: soda worton, MD USA (Saturday, May 19, 2012)

Cost to install air conditioner in wall. Unit is 26.5 by 18.5. no wires in way no plumbing in way power already there. vinyl siding. Picture frame in side with case molding no sill. thank you.

Estimate: $350

Submitted by: Kevin K, (Monday, June 24, 2013)

Need a handyman to install a small window air conditioner. I need an estimation how much he would charge. Of course I am not willing to pay more worth than the price of my AC.

15 thoughts on “Install Window Air Conditioner”


    Here in Hawaii I quoted a customer $125.00 and the said that was to steep. Some consumers don’t know what it takes at times to install window A-C Units.

  2. $125 is probably a good and fair price to install a window air conditioner. The cost would be higher if electricity is not available near the window. The style of window will also affect the installation cost.

  3. unfortunately, i’ve done this for free out of the kindness of my heart thinking i’d snag a $50 tip. i work full time as a handyman and super, but ill never again not price a job. $125 is fair, considering what you may or may not be dealing with.


  4. I have a winow ac 14,000 btu which I need to have installed in a sliding window . The size of the window is the right size to handle this job.

  5. I have a 32,ooo btu window unit that needs to be replaced. . Just slide the old one out and slide the other in to the existing window case. Hoe much would that cost? Thank You

  6. Hi. I have a 15,000 BTU through the wall unit that needs to be removed and a new one installed in its place. The sleeve is fine, and the new AC is smaller than the old one, so it fits with no issues. How much would this job typically cost? I thought it was just a matter of sliding the old one out and sliding the new one in, and that I could do it myself. But unfortunately, the old one seems to be stuck in there, and it’s not sliding out easily the way I’ve seen in a ton of YouTube videos! Thank you.

  7. I helped my uncle install a brand new ac unit to replace an old one and all he had to do was cut out a bigger hole for the unit. Sure, a handyman near me would have been helpful but given the amount of work involved on the project, it was highly unnecessary.

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