Cost to Hook up a Washer and Dryer

Washer dryer hook-ups seem like an easy thing to do. The weight of the machines make it an impossible task for many homeowners. But beyond that, because you’re dealing with water supply hoses, dryer air discharge hoses and gas or electric hook ups you probably want a professional to do the work.

It’s a good idea for you to double check any water hoses for leaks within 24-48 hours of the installation and be aware of any gas odors you may detect. Also visually check the warm air discharge hose from the dryer for severe angles or restrictions. Often a handyman will overlook the importance of a clear run. Double check your handyman’s work.

Low estimate for labor and materials:

  • Dryer vent pipe
  • Labor 1-2 hours

High estimate for labor and materials:

  • Dryer vent pipe
  • Labor 2.5 hours

If you are a contractor or a handyman, how much would this job cost in your area?

Low Price: $90

Consensus Price: $95

High Price: $150


9 thoughts on “Cost to Hook up a Washer and Dryer”

        1. Hey Barry, ur right not a 5 second job if u have to install water or gas lines for the units majority of the time I prefer to install water lines instead of gas.

      1. Doing any job no matter how small/easy for less than $100 is a joke. You’re running a business and besides no one wants to work anymore. We are a dying breed.

  1. Sharon bradeñ

    People upstairs are moving and have a stakeable washer dryer to be brought downstairs to my apt.what would the charge be. Thank you. Sharon braden

  2. I installed appliances for a company for 5 years and have installed every kind of appliances you can name.

    It all depends on the washer and dryer because you have double stacks and singles & gas dryers.

    Double stacks are sometimes installed in a small room making it difficult to get behind and install. I would charge $20 travel & $50 install. Moving the double stack up stairs or into a room will be another charge. They are heavy.

    $70 double stack install

    I would change $20 travel & $30 install on two single washer & dryer. Sometimes they need to be pig tailed, sometimes there are bolts that need to be removed & all washer and dryer need to be properly leveled. Moving them would be anoher charge depending how difficult the situation is.

    $50 single install

    Gas dryers are a more risky business and require proper installation. I would charge $20 travel and $80 install on gas dryer & $15 on washer. Moving them would be another charge.

    $115 install gas dryer and washer

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