Earthquake Preparedness Strapping for Heavy Items

If you live in an earthquake area, and you’re like most people, this is a job that you probably haven’t done yet. All of your tall bookshelves or other heavy items that might tumble during an earthquake should be strapped to the wall.

Strapping is available at your local home improvement store. It’s easy to install, mostly! In an ideal world, there would always be a stud in the right spot on the wall. Also, you wouldn’t mind attaching a strap or adhesive strip to your heirloom furniture. And or course, the furniture would always be easy to move. But we don’t live in an ideal world. If we did, there would be no earthquakes.

You quickly realize that it is worth the money to have a handyman doing this work for you.

Earthquakes are unpredictable. Have you heard that before? No one knows how strong the next one will be or whether the engineers that designed the safeguards have planned adequately. At best, any earthquake safeguards you take will be an improvement over what you had before (nothing!).

There are no guarantees that the strapping you install will be sufficient.

Cost to have a single bookshelf strapped:

  • Earthquake straps
  • Misc. hardware
  • Labor 1 hour
  • Total materials and labor: $75

Cost to have a multiple items strapped:

  • Earthquake straps
  • Misc. hardware
  • Labor 1/2 hour per item
  • Total materials and labor: $40 per item.


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