Cost to Install Smoke Detectors

Unless your ceilings are high enough to require a lot of ladder work or are made of materials requiring special care, a handyman should be able to install 4 battery powered smoke detectors in an hour.

Cost to install up to 4 smoke detectors:

  • Smoke Detectors
  • Labor 1 hour
  • Total materials and labor:

If you are a contractor or a handyman, how much would this job cost in your area?

Low Price: $80

Consensus Price: $90

High Price: $120


Submitted by: homework57 – Budget: 80 Yardley, PA USA (Thursday, September 22, 2011)

I need someone to install a smoke detector and remove the existing one. The smoke detector is hardwired in the ceiling.

Low Price for labor only: $50

Consensus Price for labor only: $50

High Price for labor only: $75


    • they need to cut open the ceiling and some walls to run wire in the beams and install the hardwire smokes detectors
      and i have all of the materials this is a 3 bed room house with a basement

    • Wow a smoke detector for $10 bucks!?!?!?!? I’m curious in what type are they? Here in So. Cal. a smoke detector average price at H.D. is $30 for one.

  1. In Illinois it is required to have both a smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector in all homes. Combination units run from about $40 each plus the labor for installation which runs $40 per hour. Should be able to install about three-hour normally.

  2. The price would depend on whether the customer has pre-wired smoke detectors or is wanting to go with battery powered units. AC powered detectors cost a bit more than the battery ones. New codes in WA also require Carbon Mo detectors which cost more therefore I price the smoke detectors at an average of $15.00 with 4 installs an hour. Carbon Monoxide $40.00 plus 15 minutes. Labor is $40.00 hr. Add $25.00 for outside local city travel.

  3. What is the average cost to install 6 Hardwired Smoke Alarms. I have the alarms and the wiring is already in place.
    Thank you!

  4. I Would Say $100 For Labor For 4 Smoke Detectors, Labor Only. I Usually Will Offer To Pick Up The Alarms For The Customer And Just Add The Alarms Cost To The Job. I Would Usually Recommend Installing The Combination Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Detectors.

  5. Here in California smoke detectors are a must. They don’t run cheap either and if your adding a carbon monoxide sensor as well it gets a little more expensive when purchasing from your local home repair store. But to get to the question, Cost for 4 battery power smoke detectors will run you $100.00
    installed thats for labor only.

  6. For the installation of up to four smoke detectors would be $100 for the labor. A lot of the installations I do, the homeowner has already purchased the product they want and needs them installed. For an additional charge for the time, I would be glad to pick up the smoke detectors OR combo smoke & carbon monoxide detectors for the homeowners convenience.

  7. what would the cost be to install 4 combo smoke and carbon monoxide detectors ( 1 in each of 3 connecting bedrooms and 1 in basement)

  8. How much yo have some one to put up 8 sheets of plywood over 6 patio doors. Because of a fire need to have it closed up

    • 6 plied windows window and doors with carriage bolts ,nuts n washers through a 2×4 anchor in the exterior wall with plywood on the out two 2×4’s per opening plywood fitted to opening and if pliable 2″ star bits anchored through exterior of ply board for anti pry detoruant . Labor only 500.00 for a one story building.

  9. Cost for 7 hard wired smoke detectors replacement including labor. There is already the wiring it is replacement??

  10. How much to install the following (items already purchased)

    4 Apartments in same building. Each door withing 3 feet of the others.

    Each unit:
    2 battery operated smoke detectors &
    1 battery operated CO2 Detector

  11. Hey!

    We are looking to change the batteries for 82 Apartment Units in a high rise for smoke detectors, just the batteries, what would a fair amount be in your opinion for the labor?

    Thank you!

What would a fair price be?