Cost to Install Smoke Detectors

Unless your ceilings are high enough to require a lot of ladder work or are made of materials requiring special care, a handyman should be able to install 4 battery powered smoke detectors in an hour.

Cost to install up to 4 smoke detectors:

  • Smoke Detectors
  • Labor 1 hour
  • Total materials and labor:

If you are a contractor or a handyman, how much would this job cost in your area?

Low Price: $80

Consensus Price: $90

High Price: $120


Submitted by: homework57 – Budget: 80 Yardley, PA USA (Thursday, September 22, 2011)

I need someone to install a smoke detector and remove the existing one. The smoke detector is hardwired in the ceiling.

Low Price for labor only: $50

Consensus Price for labor only: $50

High Price for labor only: $75

24 thoughts on “Cost to Install Smoke Detectors”

    1. they need to cut open the ceiling and some walls to run wire in the beams and install the hardwire smokes detectors
      and i have all of the materials this is a 3 bed room house with a basement

    2. Wow a smoke detector for $10 bucks!?!?!?!? I’m curious in what type are they? Here in So. Cal. a smoke detector average price at H.D. is $30 for one.


      I have several smoke detectors. I can’t determine which one is beeping. one is powered by electricity. One is control by life alert, that does not seem to be the one beeping. Before replacing battery for life alert detector, one must call them first.

  1. In Illinois it is required to have both a smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector in all homes. Combination units run from about $40 each plus the labor for installation which runs $40 per hour. Should be able to install about three-hour normally.

  2. The price would depend on whether the customer has pre-wired smoke detectors or is wanting to go with battery powered units. AC powered detectors cost a bit more than the battery ones. New codes in WA also require Carbon Mo detectors which cost more therefore I price the smoke detectors at an average of $15.00 with 4 installs an hour. Carbon Monoxide $40.00 plus 15 minutes. Labor is $40.00 hr. Add $25.00 for outside local city travel.

  3. Maria Hamilton

    What is the average cost to install 6 Hardwired Smoke Alarms. I have the alarms and the wiring is already in place.
    Thank you!

  4. I Would Say $100 For Labor For 4 Smoke Detectors, Labor Only. I Usually Will Offer To Pick Up The Alarms For The Customer And Just Add The Alarms Cost To The Job. I Would Usually Recommend Installing The Combination Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Detectors.

  5. Here in California smoke detectors are a must. They don’t run cheap either and if your adding a carbon monoxide sensor as well it gets a little more expensive when purchasing from your local home repair store. But to get to the question, Cost for 4 battery power smoke detectors will run you $100.00
    installed thats for labor only.

  6. For the installation of up to four smoke detectors would be $100 for the labor. A lot of the installations I do, the homeowner has already purchased the product they want and needs them installed. For an additional charge for the time, I would be glad to pick up the smoke detectors OR combo smoke & carbon monoxide detectors for the homeowners convenience.

  7. what would the cost be to install 4 combo smoke and carbon monoxide detectors ( 1 in each of 3 connecting bedrooms and 1 in basement)

  8. How much yo have some one to put up 8 sheets of plywood over 6 patio doors. Because of a fire need to have it closed up

    1. Ciro Manganaro Handyman

      6 plied windows window and doors with carriage bolts ,nuts n washers through a 2×4 anchor in the exterior wall with plywood on the out two 2×4’s per opening plywood fitted to opening and if pliable 2″ star bits anchored through exterior of ply board for anti pry detoruant . Labor only 500.00 for a one story building.

  9. Cost for 7 hard wired smoke detectors replacement including labor. There is already the wiring it is replacement??

  10. How much to install the following (items already purchased)

    4 Apartments in same building. Each door withing 3 feet of the others.

    Each unit:
    2 battery operated smoke detectors &
    1 battery operated CO2 Detector

  11. Hey!

    We are looking to change the batteries for 82 Apartment Units in a high rise for smoke detectors, just the batteries, what would a fair amount be in your opinion for the labor?

    Thank you!

  12. Would anyone know what the labor cost would be for replacing 11 hardwired smoke detectors in a three story house?

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