Cost to Install Dog or Cat Pet Door

This is a question that comes up frequently. How much does it cost to have a Dog Door or a Cat Door installed in my door? Pet flaps are often installed in garage access doors and sometimes even in screen doors.

How much would a handyman charge to install one of these doors? What would you consider to be a high price, what would be a low price for the installation?

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  1. Installing the pet door in a solid door is straight forward and long-lasting. You’re looking at the price of the pet door (the client should cover that) + caulking (optional) + 1 hour labor. (unhinge door – measurements – cut hole out – install pet door – install door. In Montreal I charged $45 an hour, in Hawaii, $65 an hour, and now in Montana, I’m lucky to get a job at $25 an hour. Don’t forget to include errant time if your client wants you to do the purchase of materials, and some compensation for gas and transportation time to and from the client’s place, if applicable.

    Installing the pet door is trickier, and regardless of how well you do the job, you may have to come back to fix things soon! the installation is as strong as the screen in which you fix the pet door, which means it is pretty flimsy! The animals jump through it and weaken the screen. I was tired of fixing and patching, and I talked my clients into a rig of my composition, and that was it, never had to go back.
    Standard installation is about 30mn labor. No caulking. My rig implied the cost of some extra materials, and 1 hour labor. The client is happy not to have to worry about this installation for a few years, and that largely makes up for the extra costs. The peripheral costs are the same as in the previous case figure.

  2. Pet door prices vary with size, security and materials variations. In mild climates you can often get away with a standard thermo-plastic swing door. These range in price from $40 to $60. While this is often your cheapest solution it may not be your best. A step above this are magnetic closed and opened pet doors. These range between $60 to $120. They also sell powered units that open and close with a collar that your dog wears. When your dog gets close enough to the sensor the door opens and then closes when they get far enough away. This is a very nice feature that keeps your home safe, secure, and temperature controlled.

    Installation price will vary depending on area. In the mid-west you should expect to pay $75 to $150 for installation. This may seem expensive considering your handyman may only be at your house for 1 hour, but driving time and the cost of covering business overhead is included.

  3. Thru-door and thru-wall dog doors run from about $50 to over $100 depending on the quality and material. I would charge $75-150 to install plus the cost of the door depending on the situation.

      1. We install doggy doors through large and small stucco walls, closed in screens and more.
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        1. We are interested in installing a dog door into the wall of a stucco house. we have dogs under 25 pounds
          Is this a service you can provide, if so, what is the estimate for such a product?

          Thank you

          Pat Smith

  4. How much to install 2 basic plastic with flap cat doors in zip 77064? 1 cat door install in interior 6-panel door & 1 cat door install in door from house to garage (install only, do not include price of doors). Thank you!

  5. Have a old doggie door I want taken out it is in side of house a brick house so brick will need replaced as well as drywall how much would this cost

  6. I need someone to cut a hole in stucco wall, for smLl pet door. I have the door and Ll the tools required, I need to know the labor costs, is 65$ an hour, fair for Las Vegas, nevada?

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