Cost Estimate for Grab Bar Installation

Grab bars are typically installed inside a shower or just outside the entrance to the shower stall to improve accessibility.

The installation of grab bars in a shower can be made more difficult by the composition of the shower. Extra time is often needed to locate studs, plan the location of the bar for best use and seal the screw holes to prevent water infiltration.

Cost to install a single grab bar:

  • Grab Bar
  • Labor 1 hour
  • Total materials and labor: $85

Cost to install multiple grab bars:

  • Grab Bar
  • Labor 1/2 hour
  • Total materials and labor: $60 per grab bar.


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  1. Install 2 grab bars in tile shower/tub area: 1 16-18″ vertical near entrance to tub and 32″ into studs horizontal. $195-225 if 20 minutes from business.

    1. Cost to install a single grab bar:

      Grab Bar
      Labor about an hour
      Total materials and labor: $50 Cost to install multiple grab bars:
      Grab Bar
      Labor be about hour and half
      Total materials and labor: $50 per grab bar.

      1. Jayita Bhattacharjee


        I have a special needs boy who wears leg braces and in the middle of night has very hard time in the restroom and also in getting up from the bed and holding on to furnitures, where there is no grab bar.

        am looking for a very inexpensive estimate of grab bar installation, multiple gar bars in several places.

        Thank you
        Jayita Bhattacharjee

  2. My landlord wants to charge $500 to install one vertical grab bar in the shower. He wants me to pay $300 to install it and $200 to remove it and pay it all up front without giving me any invoice. Is this a reasonable estimate?

    1. $300 seems pretty expensive for the installation. Grab bars cost about $50 and require 1-2 hours to install depending on the wall or shower stall composition. That would mean that a licensed contractor might charge $300, but it seems more likely that the cost would be in the $200 range.

      Secondly, the $200 cost to remove the bar seems unreasonable. The likelihood that the bar would actually be removed is remote. Why would the landlord want to remove the asset once it’s installed?

      I think you are well within your rights to ask for a receipt or to request the right to pay the contractor directly.

      1. I think $300 for install is about 2-3X what it should be. If the landlord was a fair/reasonable man he’d charge somewhere around $250-300 in total, which would account for materials, and labor on each end. The removal in my opinion is more labor intensive/ time consuming due to the touch-up/repair if the bar were to actually be removed.

    2. sounds like the landlord is trying to rip you off. It is not that expensive to have one installed. The chances that the landlord will have it removed are very slim. It is a safety device so it be better for him to leave it in place See if he will allow you to hire your own contractor to do the job or split the cost with you as long as it is a professional.

    3. That’s very high. Single bar should be no more then $60. To put in. Be about$80. To remove it. Sense there more work involve .

    4. Never do business without a paper trail. A bid, an invoice describing the work, and a receipt for payment is a minimum and reasonable expectation.

    5. Your landlord is trying to rip you off, plain and simple. A top of line 36″ stainless steel bar costs $30-50 (Penco). The additional cost for a mounting kit if needed is $50 (Moen), and maximum installation cost including a little extra time to water seal the mounts is about $75. So $175 is the absolute maximum for one 36″ bar.

      Your landlord should consider the bar an upgrade, not infer that he will want to take it out when you vacate.

      A decent landlord will actually split the cost with you and deduct it from your rent.

      Do yourself a favor and find another rental with a landlord who is honest and reasonable.

  3. That would depend on how many are installed and weather or not the contractor has a minimum charge. I would think that around 75.00 + material would be fair

  4. I just recently installed two handrails. One on the side of the bathtub and one on the back. I charged $60.00. It only took 1 hour.

  5. materials, labor, vehicle fuel, vehicle wear & tear, Over head if hiring a licensed contractor (insurance, L&I, taxes… etc). It would be cheaper to do yourself or to hire a one man show, just make sure he is licensed in your state. I would say as a company with overhead that $300.00 is a fair price.

  6. What people charge varies according to locale and ability. There is tremendous liability installing things that are safety oriented, whether you are licensed or not. Being a licensed contractor does not necessarily mean they are qualified. It has always been my experience that the general public will make comments like “well that didn’t take too long….or that was a small job” … are paying for experience and you certainly do not want a “poor” installation…anywhere up to $300.00 seems more than fair to me, providing the anchoring is correct…I usually hang my full body weight(180lbs) and do a chin up or similar move to be certain that it is installed properly.

  7. As a professional bathroom renovations contractor I’m amazed seeing $60. pricing. A license insured company with overhead, taxes and what not would be in the $200. to $225. range for travel time, installation and clean up. Including the cost of the grab bar for a typical Stainless Steel concealed mount 24 inch bar with knurling. As far as removal, six screws and 10 minutes later they’ll be off and they’ll be holes left in the tile, which is the real problem of removal.

  8. Claire Gawinowicz


    I’m having my bathroom remodeled. My contractor is giving me a hard time about installing a grab bar/towel right outside my shower. He says it has to be at a 45 degree angle and I say it can be horizontal (hence, the towel bar/grab bar). How can I convince him to install it where and how I want it? Also, does a contractor have to be certified to install a grab bar properly?


    1. He is thinking it has to be mounted to a stud. Either he doesn’t know about Moen mounting system or he doesn’t want to spend the extra to get it. Advise him of the Moen mounting system and if he still makes excuses simply hire someone else to do it and bill the contractor if it’s covered in contract. Don’t expect them to willingly repay you but that would be the process. I would be concerned about a contractor that try to cut corners on what the customer wants. Especially when it’s a safety issue.

    Tile bits ($14.00 + TAX)
    Spritzer bottle to keep bit cool while drilling through tile ($1.99 + TAX)
    A quality NiCad battery Drill Driver ($250.00+ TAX)
    Trip costs (0.54/ mile – $20 minimum)

    Since grab bars DO Not Always Line up on stud center:

    Fasteners $14/box 4 each Required = 2 x $14 = $28 + TAX)

    Grab Bar (Based on size) EACH. The Range and Specified material quoted is from Franklin Brass Stainless steel 12″ @ 15.94 + TAX to 36″ Kohler Stainless Steel @ $75.83 + TAX)

    Since you all are handy men, lets see what the REAL materials, supplies and tools cost to DIY.

    That is LESS THE TIME TO PICK, CHECKOUT AT REGISTER, PACK, LOAD AND DRIVE TO THE SITE — oh yeah and that does not include Liability Insurance, experience and more. The result of destroying your tile wet wall is a lot more than any estimated numbers within here anywhere:

    Here is the bottom line from above:
    $356.32 Based on an 8% sales tax rate (yes, that is for the low cost 12″ Grab bars $15.94, feel free to check the math or otherwise substitute the material costs from different size or brand of grab bar).

    Granted, a handyman has already invested in the tools. However, consumables, such as tile bits and other should carry a tool allowance cost in addition to the materials and supplies

    WHAT I WOULD QUOTE WOULD BE (shown in Low-High Format):

    Grab Bar Cost:
    Non-discounted retail pricing for: 24″ stainless steel wall mount grab bar. 500 lb capacity. 1 bar $16.88 $26.53

    Grab Bar Labor, BASIC (this means drywall, NOT TILE):
    Basic labor to install grab bars *WITH FAVORABLE SITE CONDITIONS*.
    Layout, mark and drill mounting holes in wall framing studs. Secure unit and install trim hardware. Includes planning, equipment and material acquisition, area preparation and protection, setup and cleanup. 2.2 hrs $74.06 $241.54

    Grab Bar Job Supplies
    Cost of related materials and supplies typically required to install grab bars including: fasteners, connectors, surface preparation and finishing materials. 1 bar $3.48 $3.96

    Totals – Cost To Install Grab Bars 1 bar $94.42 $272.03

    I remain,
    (in business and in high demand)

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