Build Handrail for Garage Steps

Garage StepsThe garage steps leading into the house need a small handrail.

Build out of sanded redwood, this rail is simple and functional. The vertical post is firmly mounted with concrete screws into both the step and the floor and is secured with galvanized brackets. No screws are exposed on the top rail. The finished rail is primed and ready for paint.

Low estimate for materials and labor including painting:

  • Redwood 2x4x8
  • Galvanized brackets and supports
  • Concrete screws
  • Primer and paint
  • Labor 2 hours

High estimate for materials and labor including painting:

  • Redwood 2x4x8
  • Galvanized brackets and supports
  • Concrete screws
  • Primer and paint
  • Labor 3 hours

Handrail for Garage StepsIf you are a contractor or a handyman, how much would this job cost in your area?

Low Price: $195

Consensus Price: $225

High Price: $275



  1. I’d do it for $150.00 and would probably secure it a little differently for possible “wear and tear”issues that could evolve.

  2. First of all, I would NEVER install such a pathetic looking handrail like the one pictured. If that home owner paid more than $50 for that, they got robbed! Sorry, but I have found myself fixing and/or re-securing many poorly done handrails/jobs like this.
    With the bad economy, handymen are a dime a dozen these days. You can’t drive through a subdivision without seeing at least 2 other vehicles, 4-door sedans that is, with a ladder strapped to the roof. Prices are based on a number of variables like the reputation/integrity of the handyman, the quality of work and especially the pride and creativity one brings to the job. The first thing I realized in this business is that it’s not hard to separate yourself from the pack. Lots of guys can fix things, but the best handymen create, improve and impress!

  3. First, the three steps may or may not require a handrail legally that depends on a few factors. If it is REQUIRED then most probably only a licensed contractor can install it legally, possibly with a wetstamp from an engineer and real drawings.

    Second, IF the handrail is installed at all it MUST meet code. This means that the Height, hand rail grip diameter, as well as the ability to withstand a side load of 150 lbs (as if someone fell sideways into the railing) is mandated.

    Taken to extreme, the installation may require balusters spaced in accordance with child safety per code.

    I do know that IF an inspector found one installing a rail like this as a handyman they would most likely
    1. require a permit to install
    2. require a contractor license to gain a permit
    3. make the handyman tear it out completely
    4. possibly require a drawing with wet-stamp (engineered drawing)
    5. report the handyman to contractor licensing board

    Most of this would be as ‘punitive’ actions to assure that the handyman doesn’t try do this type of work.

  4. Just a suggestion but you sholud remove this. Lets be honest, this isn’t a handrail. This is 2 2x4s fastened together as quickly as possible. If I were running this site. I would definitely remove this as an example of a handrail. It makes the site seem less than competent.

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